The 16th Annual Meeting of Chinese Neuroscience Society &
The 2nd CJK International Meeting


The 16th Annual Meeting of Chinese Neuroscience Society & The 2nd CJK International Meeting
July 27-30, 2023 Zhuhai, China
2023年7月27-30日  中国 · 珠海

July 27-30, 2023  Zhuhai, China

2023年7月27-30日    中国 · 珠海


July 27-30, 2023

Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center 
No.1663, Yinwan Road, Wanzai, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. 


Chinese Neuroscience Society 
Tel: +86-21-64081027/ 64081037 

Exhibits Contacts
Jihui Zhang, Xue Han 
Phone: 021-64081037/64081027 

Onsite Contact
Deyun Shao 
Tel: +86-21-56680593 
Cellphone: 17721346002 


Founded in 1995 , Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS) is a nonprofit & non-governmental social organization, consisting of neuroscientists from universities, research institutions and hospitals. Currently it has more than 20,000 individual members coming from all over the world.

CNS’s mission is to advance the understanding of the brain by promoting communications among scientists working at all levels of biological organizations, by giving support on translational research and by applying new scientific knowledge to disease treatment to find the best cure, CNS also aims to foster professional development, to provide the public with popular science information as well as the general education about the significance and implications of the latest neuroscience discoveries,and to inform policymakers about how new scientific knowledge and recent developments in neuroscience research influence public policiesand societal benefits. 

CNS’s Annual Meeting is the largest national neuroscience meeting in China. It provides a forum for neuroscientists worldwide to present and discuss research in all areas of neurosciences. CNS’s Annual Meeting is to promote interactions, collaborations and friendship among neuroscientists worldwide to advance neuroscience research in China. The first Annual Meeting of CNS was held in Shanghai in 1995. The 13th CNS’s Annual Meeting was held in Suzhou in 2019 with an attendance of 3,800. The 14th CNS ‘s Annual Meeting was held in Chongqing in 2021 with an attendance of 3,200. The 15th CNS Annual Meeting was held online in 2022 with around 2,100 registered viewers.    

Previous Conference

Year Location Attendance
2022 Online 2100
2019 Suzhou 3800
2017 Tianjin 2800
2015 Wuzhen, Zhejiang 3131
2013 Beijing 1800
2011 Henan, Zhengzhou 1487
2009 Guangdong, Guangzhou 1214
2007 Hangzhou, Zhejiang 1032
2005 Chongqing 891
2003 Qingdao, Shandong 534

Corp. Council Member

  I. Booth Information

1. Central Booth(T1-T19):RMB 150,000(Given Free to CNS’s Corporate Members) 
√ At the front of the Exhibition Hall: 5*5㎡ 
√ 10 complimentary registrations 
√ 2 complimentary tickets for the Welcome Dinner 
√ Full-page color interstitial ads (one page) 
√ The Contacts list of the meeting 
 * Note: Special (decoration) booth is subject to the prior approval of the Organizer 

2. Standard Booth (Conor Booth)exposed to aisles on two sides:RMB 55,000 
√ Within the Exhibition Hall: 3*3㎡,including screen wall, lintel board, lighting, a table, two chairs ,a power cord (220v) and a socket. 
√ 4 Complimentary registrations 
* Note:Height restriction 2.5m, special booth not applied 

3. Standard Booth(Inline Booth)exposed to aisles on one side:RMB 50,000 
√ Within the Exhibition Hall: 3*3㎡,including screen wall, lintel board, lighting, a table, two chairs ,a power cord (220v) and a socket. 
√ 4 Complimentary registrations 
* Note:Height restriction 2.5m, special booth not applied 

  II Title Sponsorship

1. Title Sponsorship of Welcome Dinner:RMB 100,000(one sponsor) 
(Sponsorship:special invited guests+ symposia presenters +CNS’s Council Members and supervisors, around 300 participants) 
√ Logo displayed at the Welcome Dinner 
√ 10 Complimentary registrations 
√ 5 complimentary tickets for the Welcome Dinner 
√ A short talk (5 minutes) at the Welcome Dinner 

2. Title Sponsorship of the symposium:RMB 80,000 
√ To give a presentation in the symposium, the content of which must gained prior approval by the session chair. 
√ Acknowledgement in the sponsored symposium, meeting website, and Scientific Program 
√ 5 Complimentary registrations 
√ Retractable Banner allowed at the venue 
√ Lodging fee for all symposium presenters 

3. Satellite meeting / Workshop Sponsorship( 1 hour):RMB 50,000 
√ Satellite meeting/Workshop can be organized by sponsors but the content of which shall be subject to the approval of the organization committee of the meeting. 
√ Free venue which can accommodate 150 participants 
√ Easy decoration allowed at the venue 
√ Acknowledgement at the meeting website and in the Scientific Program 
√ 5 Complimentary registrations

  III Sponsorship of Meeting Supplies

1. Program Book:RMB 80,000(one sponsor) 
√ 3,500 Program Books composed by CNS 
√ A Full-page color Interstitial ad opposite to the content page 
√ 2 Complimentary registrations 

2. Conference Bags:RMB 80,000(one sponsor) 
√ Designed by CNS which will be distributed to around 3,500 participants. 
√ Bags can be designed by the sponsor with its logo and name displayed upon the approval of CNS 
√ 2 Complimentary registrations 

3. Badge: RMB 60,000 (one sponsor) 
√ Logo and slogan displayed at the bottom of the badge, which is designed by CNS 
√ 2 Complimentary registrations 

4. Advertisement in Scientific Program: 
√ Full-single-page color-ads on the back cover: RMB 30,000/one-page(sponsorship reserved) 
√ Full-single-page color-ads inside front cover: RMB 20,000/one-page 
√ Full-single-page color-ads inside back cover: RMB 20,000/one-page √ Full-page color interstitial ads: RMB 10,000/one-page 

5. Polo-shirt for Volunteers:RMB 25,000 (Zeiss) 
√ Worn by all working personnel and volunteers inside and outside the venue especially at the registration site, poster area and dining area. 
√ Designed by the secretariat of the meeting, sponsor’s logo will be printed remarkably on the polo-shirt. 

6. Printed Advertisement the in Information packet :RMB 20,000 
√ One promotional booklet with less than 10 pages can be put into the information packet (Prepared beforehand by the sponsor) 

7. Meeting Passport(A stamp album):3,000 albums(Brain Case) 
√ Design proposal offered by the sponsor with its logo on it shall be approved by the organizer 
√ The meeting passport can printed with sponsor’s logo and slogan 

8. Bottle Water:15,000 bottles(Brain Case) 
√ Specified brand bottle water which can be labelled or hung with logo tags 

9. Epidemic-prevention packet(A mask, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wet wipes)3,000 packets(one sponsor) 
√ Specified brand mask with individual package. All items in the packet shall be wrapped separately.  

Ⅳ Venue and Outdoor Advertising:All design proposals, with the name of the meeting and CNS's logo included, must be approved by the organizer.

1. Scientific Program Board: RMB 30,000(Zeiss)
2. The outdoor welcome board at the venue entrance:3m (height)*5m (length), flex banner with truss structure:RMB 20,000(3 sponsors)

3. Building-glass Advertising Stickers(First-floor ,along the aisle to the main venue), 8m (height)*3.2m (width), single side: RMB 15,000(6 sponsors)

4. Escalator Advertising (Guiding participants from the first floor to the main venue), 28.5m(Length)*0.68m(Width). Two pairs of face-to-face balustrade panel stickers; RMB 20,000(four sponsors)

5. Outdoor feather flags (10 flags), distributed along the route from the main venue to session venues: RMB 20,000 (one sponsor)

All exhibitors are required to register the meeting to get exhibitor badges displaying the name of the company and the name of the exhibitor. Additional exhibitors not covered by the sponsorship shall pay the registration fee of 2,000 RMB per participant  

Exhibitor Manual 
Exhibitor Manual will be sent to all exhibitors 1-2 month before the meeting. The manual will specify all exhibition details such as booth location, installation, and special decorations, etc. 

Points for attention

  • Exhibitors are not allowed to remove their booths or rent them to the third-party during the exhibition.
  • Where the cost of water, dynamic electricity, compressed air, etc. required for the equipment demonstration shall be paid by the exhibitor separately.
  • All exhibition activities must be taken within the booth area. Advertisements and other materials are not allowed to be distributed in the venue. Booth set-up, such as sound equipment, must not bring trouble to other exhibitors. Exhibition managers reserve the right to require exhibitors to suspend exhibition.
  • Any activities organized by exhibitors including reception, news conference and satellite, etc., of which the content and details such as advertisements and promotions inside and outside the venue must be approved by the organizing committee of the meeting.
  • All conference-related news release written by exhibitors must be reviewed and gained approval by the organizing committee of the meeting before publishing to the media.

Terms of Payment 
• Should the Supporter or Exhibitors fail to complete payments prior to the commencement of the Conference, the Organizer will be entitled to cancel the reservation while cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees as determined below.
Within two weeks after signing of the exhibition agreement, 100% of the sponsorship fee will be remitted to Chinese Neuroscience Society, otherwise the booth will not be reserved.  

Payment Methods 
Payment by Bank Transfer. Please make drafts payable to: 2023 CNS Conference 
Bank Account Information 
Beneficiary's Name: The Chinese Neuroscience Society 
Bank Information: Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Fenglin Branch 
Account No.: 03392400040011935 
All bank charges are the responsibility of the payer and must be added to the amount payable 

Cancellation/Modification Policy 
• Full refund of the agreed package amount if the cancellation/ modification is made before April 30,2023
• 50% of the agreed package amount if the cancellation/ modification is made between May 1-June 30, 2023
• 100% of the agreed package amount if the cancellation/ modification is made after July 1, 2023 

Conference Secretariat

Registration & Payment
Lili Yang 

Scientific Program
Lu Fu 

Award & Member
Jihui Zhang  

Fei Ren 

Bin Wang  

Official Wechat Account


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