The 16th Annual Meeting of Chinese Neuroscience Society &
The 2nd CJK International Meeting


The 16th Annual Meeting of Chinese Neuroscience Society & The 2nd CJK International Meeting
July 27-30, 2023 Zhuhai, China
2023年7月27-30日  中国 · 珠海

July 27-30, 2023  Zhuhai, China

2023年7月27-30日    中国 · 珠海

Call for Papers

 Themes and Topics

(01) Neurodevelopment, structure, regeneration, injury, repair and rehabilitation 
(02) Neurotransmitters, receptors, ion channels and their regulation 
(03) Synaptic transmission, neuronal excitability and neural oscillations 
(04) Glial cells 
(05) Biological rhythms and sleep 
(06) Anesthesia, sedation and consciousness 
(07) Sensory and motor 
(08) Innate behaviors, motivation, reward and addiction 
(09) Higher cognitive functions(learning and memory, attention, decision making, social behaviors, language and others)
(10) Mood, emotion, stress and psychiatric disorders  

(11) Metabolism, neuroendocrine and homeostasis 
(12) Cerebral vasculature, barriers and circulation, interactions with other systems 
(13) Neuroinflammation, neuroinfection and neuroimmune 
(14) Neuro‐oncology 
(15) Aging and neurodegeneration 
(16) Techniques and methods 
(17) Brain-machine interface, brain-inspired artificial intelligence and neural engineering 
(18) History, education and society 
(19) Others 

 Submission requirements and deadlines.
  1. The deadline of abstract submission is March 15, 2023
  2. Prepare your abstract in English as the Example. The abstract must contains: title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, contact e-mail address, main text of abstract and key words. No images, tables, diagrams or graphs are allowed. The maximum number of characters for body is 2,000 (including the title, the names of authors, institutions, spaces, etc.)
  3. You must register online and pay the registration fee before Submission Abstract. If you have not pay the registration fees, your abstract will not be accepted.

Abstract Example Download

 Online submission
  1. Abstracts must be submitted online. Please advance registration and pay the registration fee before submitting an abstract. Each person can only submit one abstract. The registration fee for the symposium speakers will be waived.
  2. Submitted abstract can be modified by clicking “Online Registration & Abstract Submission” before March 15, 2023 . You need your user name and password to log in.

Conference Secretariat

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